Karma Sunday

Karma Sunday

On September 25th, The Proudest Pony is pleased to be opening our doors for the first time ever on a Sunday in an effort to help raise money to go towards the construction of a safe and accessible home, benefiting Diane Irwin, mother of our very own Pony stylist, Eryn Irwin.

Diane is a 59 year old wife, mother of 8 and grandmother of 4.

This April, Diane was told that the ovarian cancer she had beat 2 years ago is back and has spread to her spleen, liver and lymph nodes.
The doctors have told her that it is terminal.



Diane and her husband, Paul currently live in an 80 year old farmhouse that has fallen into disrepair, and over the past 10 years they have begun building a new home for themselves on the property.  Due to years of health issues and financial constraints, the new house is not in a state where they can move in.

The farmhouse is now moldy, dusty, structurally unsafe and is impractical for Diane’s mobility issues.

It is our hope to see Diane live out her days with comfort and dignity, and this is where our fundraising efforts come in.  We’ll be in the salon on Sunday September 25th giving you awesome hair, as usual…  Charging the same prices, as always (but you are free to donate more)  and at the end of the day, we’re going to take everything we made and donate it to The Irwins!

Online booking* is now open for this special Sunday, so book your appointment now!

We encourage anyone who isn’t able to come out that day to please consider making a small donation towards the family on their gofundme page HERE.


*Please note, in an effort to maximize our efforts this day, we will not be doing large color correction services